Ing. Patrik Schiller

...Computer graphics \ Web technologies \ 3D assets designer...

About me

I am years old Computer Graphics developer based in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2022, I successfully finished my master's degree in computer graphics at the Czech Technical University (CTU), Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In 2020 I finished bachelor's degree in Software engineering at CTU FEE.

I am deeply passionate about IT, Computer Graphics, programming, drawing, and architecture. Starting from Q2 2019, my primary areas of focus have revolved around CG programming, including proficiency in OpenGL & C++, WebGL & JavaScript/TypeScript. Moreover, I have dedicated myself to 3D assets development using tools like Autodesk Maya and Blender, complemented by some valuable experience in game development with Unreal Engine.


Work experience

  • (2023 - Present)
  • Freelance Software Developer (2022 - Present)
    • Computer Graphics Developer
    • Tech stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, WebGL
  • Conquest Entertainment a.s. (2018 - Present)
    • E-shop system administrator and developer
    • Tech stack: PHP, Smarty, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS
    • Experience with B2B integration - Google campaigns (XML feeds), (REST API)
  • Center for Knowledge Management - CTU FEE (May 2020 - December 2020)


  • Ing./ CTU FEE, Open Informatics - Computer Graphics, Prague (2020-2022)
    • Comprehensive study of the essentials of computer graphics
    • Rendering algorithms & Data structures, Computer Vision geometry, Data Visualization techniques, Advanced OpenGL programming, Computational Geometry
    • Experience with: RayTracing, BVH, 3D scene reconstruction (epipolar geometry), Combinatorial Optimization, Image Editing algorithms etc.
    • Master's thesis: Rendering for virtual reality in high resolution using measured BTF data
  • Bc./ CTU FEE, Software Engineering and Technologies, Prague (2017-2020)


  • Computer graphics
    • OpenGL 4.5, WebGL 1.0 & 2.0, GLSL
    • Experience with CUDA & OpenCL
    • Experience with Global Illumination algorithms (RayTracing, PathTracing, Radiosity, Photon maps etc.), acceleration Data Structures for ray traversing, and various BRDF models
    • Autodesk Maya, Blender
    • Unreal Engine
  • Web development
    • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6+, TypeScript
    • PHP, MySQL
    • React.js, Node.js
    • Enterprise Java, Spring
  • Programming
    • Frequently used languages: TypeScript, C++, JavaScript ES6+
    • Other languages: PHP, Java, Python, C#
    • Design patterns
    • VCS GitLab / GitHub
  • Other skills & interests
    • LaTex (Overleaf)
    • Linear algebra, Mathematic analysis
    • Drawing, Architecture
    • Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects